Friday, August 5, 2011

Muscadines & Scuppernongs & the Garden--Oh My!!

They're not qutie ripe yet, but they'll be delicious when they're ready!

Lookin' good!!

We have a whole lot growing this year!

Still growing tall!

These will be so good when they get ripe!

Ready to eat these!

The vines are starting to finally fill out!

Pretty green color on the vines mean they are getting ready to bear fruit!

Rows are looking good!

More scuppernongs!


Okra bloom!

The whole garden!

Selling our fruit at the Labor Day Fair!

Visitors in the Vineyard--Come join us!

Crawfordville native, Mr. George Hughes, & owner, Vickey Rhodes taking a picture together:)

Watch out Vanna White! You've got competition! Family friend, & neighbor, Pet Willams, shows off Margaret's Grove Vineyard's finest canned items!

Eager to get a little "taste of the country life", Boy Scouts from Atlanta came to Margaret's Grove Vineyard to pick a few Muscadines & Scuppernongs.

Enjoying the shade with the Rhodes', Mr. George puts on a smile and poses for a picture.

Looking for the best of the best Muscadines & Scuppernongs, these two ladies pick and look for the best ones.

This young man was excited about all his pickings today! What a haul!!

The muscadines are looking mighty good!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spring Pruning

This is how Margaret's Grove Vineyard looks during the middle of Spring pruning.

Father & daughter taking a break from a long day working in the Vineyard preparing it for the upcoming growing season.

Daughter, Emily, gives us a "thumbs up!" because she is almost finished with her work for the day!

Father, Joey, & daughter, Hannah, are getting tired of picking up prunings, but they know it'll all be worth it when the plants blossom!

Jack, the family dog, is tired after a long day at the vineyard being our "guard dog".